viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 18th Edition Andrew D. Althouse

Textbook introducing the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. Contains all of the most recent technology and EPA rules, with a standard coding scheme and maximized readability. 

Provides a base of information for students in this field and serves as a guide and reference for experienced technicians. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides an excellent blend of theory with job-qualifying skills, making it a leader in the refrigeration and air conditioning field! This comprehensive text teaches both fundamental principles and the service techniques needed to diagnose and remedy refrigeration and HVAC problems. Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning contains the information needed to prepare the technician for success in today s world. Includes information about EPA rules and regulations covering refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclaiming. Both students and practicing technicians will benefit from the comprehensive approach of this text, which provides a solid and thorough knowledge of all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning. Book feature are given below:
        Basic Refrigeration Systems
·        Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling/ Reclaiming
·        Special Refrigeration Systems and Applications
·        Cooling and Dehumidifying Systems
·        Automotive Air Conditioning

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